My First Convention as a Seller: A Retrospective

So as some of you might have seen, I did something new a couple weeks ago. I went to a convention (Harucon in Jerusalem) as a book seller, selling my own books of course. It was a great experience, and I look forward to doing so again. (As of writing this, I’m signed up forContinue reading “My First Convention as a Seller: A Retrospective”

Support Indie Fantasy Films, Too!

I mostly talk about books here, for obvious reasons, but there is also an decent indie sci-fi and fantasy film scene. Over the years, I’ve helped support a few via crowdfund, mostly by Arrowstorm Entertainment, who succeeded enough to get a CW fantasy show, The Outpost, which just got renewed for a third season. Today, however,Continue reading “Support Indie Fantasy Films, Too!”

I’m Back! Also, an Important Aspect of a Creator’s Mindset.

It’s been a while, sorry about that! Part of that is on me, for focusing more on finishing Galaxy Ascendant 5–it’s complete!–and just not getting to writing here. Also there were some things out of my control, and I’ve spent 3 of the last 4 and a half weeks in the field, being deployed dueContinue reading “I’m Back! Also, an Important Aspect of a Creator’s Mindset.”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Reveal!

It’s finally time! At last, I can happily share with all of you the finalized cover art for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance. (Will share the final cover, with text, some time after Christmas.)     The cover this time features one character readers up to date with the series have met before, butContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Reveal!”

Galaxy Ascendant Lore Post: The Hawkwing-class Starfighter: Modifiable Multirole Monster

Another Galaxy Ascendant lore post today! Another ship, the first of a number of starfighters I intend to do posts on. Unfortunately no concept art yet, but as before, I will hopefully soon commission art for these, and update these posts when the time comes. And remember, there is still time to back Galaxy Ascendant 3: A ShiftingContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant Lore Post: The Hawkwing-class Starfighter: Modifiable Multirole Monster”

The Final Push: Become a Part of the Galaxy Ascendant!

Alright, it’s crunch time. Only a few days left in the Galaxy Ascendant 3 indiegogo campaign, and there’s still a fair mount of ground to cover. This is by no means an insurmountable goal, however, and we very much still can reach the goal required to cover the production costs for putting out this awesomeContinue reading “The Final Push: Become a Part of the Galaxy Ascendant!”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Map Reveal

When someone thinks of maps in speculative fiction books, the mind always goes first to the fantasy genre, and the city/country/continent/world maps that go along with it. I love those maps, and my recently released epic fantasy novel, The Dragon Hand, featured one such map. However, science fiction stories can make good use of maps asContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Map Reveal”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Update, & a Brief Artistic Journey Through the Series so Far

My Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance indiegogo campaign is gradually moving along, and today, I wanted to give a quick update on the cover art for the book, and to talk a bit about the amazing book covers the series has had so far, courtesy of the awesome John Zeleznik. First, the latest updateContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Update, & a Brief Artistic Journey Through the Series so Far”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Indiegogo Launch!

That’s right! Today, I launched the indiegogo campaign for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance. Despite efforts to avoid further conflict, the Galaxy is at war again. The Galactic Alliance, made up of both old allies and recent enemies, now face down the large and oppressive Revittan Empire, a very different enemy than they haveContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Indiegogo Launch!”

New Release: The Dragon Hand

A bit later than initially planned, but we’ve made it to the big moment, and now I get ot share with you a project that has been in progress, in one form or another, for quite a long time, and is something different from my previous and upcoming Galaxy Ascendant books. Let me introduce youContinue reading “New Release: The Dragon Hand”