Yakov’s Books

A Greater Duty Cover Subtitle No Bleed

A Greater Duty (Galaxy Ascendant Book 1) – Buy Now!

A Looming Shadow Cover Final No Bleed real

A Looming Shadow (Galaxy Ascendant Book 2) – Buy Now!

a shifting alliance cover--no bleed final

A Shifting Alliance (Galaxy Ascendant Book 3) – Buy Now!

A Fiery Reckoning (Part 1) No Bleed

A Fiery Reckoning I: Ascendancy’s Rise (Galaxy Ascendant Book 4) – Buy Now!

A Fiery Reckoning (Part 2) Cover (No Bleed)

A Fiery Reckoning II: Empire’s Fall (Galaxy Ascendant Book 5) – Buy Now!

An Ancient Stirring Cover No Bleed

An Ancient Stirring (Galaxy Ascendant Book 6) – Buy Now!

The Dragon Hand Cover NoBleed

The Dragon Hand (Dragon King Trilogy Book 1) – Buy Now!

Thesis Cover 2

Crosscurrents: Navigating The Turbulent Politics Of The Right During The Horthy Era In Hungary, 1920-1944

Anthologies Featuring One of My Stories

Corona-chan Anthology

Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love: Infectious Tales of Fantasy and Suspense Designed to Spread the Pulpdemic –FREE!

Spring 2019 Military Anthology

Cannon Publishing’s Spring 2019 Military Sci-Fi / Fantasy Anthology

Mecha Anthology Cover

Cannon Publishing’s Mecha Anthology

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