3 Days Left to Back Light Unto Another World!

With only 3 days left to go, Light Unto Another World is fully funded on Kickstarter! First off, thanks to everyone who’s backed this campaign for Volumes 6-10 so far. But, we’re not done yet. There are still awesome stretch goals to hit! If we hit $4700, it’ll guarantee an additional internal illustration per volumeContinue reading “3 Days Left to Back Light Unto Another World!”

Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 Kickstarter Update, and Travel to Another World Reward Spotlight

So, the Kickstarter for Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 got off to a pretty good start! At around 5 days in, we’re on the edge of being 50% funded! (For reference, the previous Light Unto Another World campaign fully funded on Day 12.) However, there’s still a ways left to go. Hitting the mainContinue reading “Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 Kickstarter Update, and Travel to Another World Reward Spotlight”

Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10: Live Now on Kickstarter!

It’s finally time! I’m excited to finally announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10! While his army training prepared him for many things, Uriel Makkis had not been expecting to be suddenly pulled through a portal and stranded on another world. However, he was always adaptable, and quicklyContinue reading “Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10: Live Now on Kickstarter!”

Patreon Push & Special Offer

As some of you may know, I have a Patreon! It’s been live for a little while now, and a couple months ago I began releasing my Patreon-exclusive mecha serial, Zadir Corps: First Strike. I’m specifically talking about it now since I’m currently running a very special offer on it. For the next 12 orContinue reading “Patreon Push & Special Offer”

Light Unto Another World: Live Now!

It’s finally time. The kickstarter campaign for volumes 1-5 of Light Unto Another World is now live, and it’s already off to a great start! There’s much more info over on the campaign page itself, both about the series itself and about the rewards. And a fun video I put together! It’s going to beContinue reading “Light Unto Another World: Live Now!”

Light Unto Another World Update

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been sharing updates on this project elsewhere, but it’s past due to share another here, as we count down the last few weeks till the launch of the kickstarter for volumes 1-5. Yes, I’ll be funding 5 books at once. All 5 volumes have been written, and I’m actually halfwayContinue reading “Light Unto Another World Update”

Being “Apolitical” is not a Virtue

A little while ago, David V. Stewart made a solid blog post about the concept of being “apolitical,” and I had something to add to it. Namely, beware people who use their alleged “apolitical” nature as a virtue. You see, as David pointed out in his post, being truly Apolitical is all-but impossible. Just theContinue reading “Being “Apolitical” is not a Virtue”

Galaxy Ascendant 7: A Worthy Sacrifice Kickstarter is Live!

The end draws near! For anyone who didn’t see it yesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for the seventh and final book in the Galaxy Ascendant series is live! In A Worthy Sacrifice, our heroes face one last desperate struggle to prevent an enemy they had not prepared for from undoing all their hard-won victories. Everyone must give their all,Continue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 7: A Worthy Sacrifice Kickstarter is Live!”

Support Indie Fantasy Films, Too!

I mostly talk about books here, for obvious reasons, but there is also an decent indie sci-fi and fantasy film scene. Over the years, I’ve helped support a few via crowdfund, mostly by Arrowstorm Entertainment, who succeeded enough to get a CW fantasy show, The Outpost, which just got renewed for a third season. Today, however,Continue reading “Support Indie Fantasy Films, Too!”

New Year, New Ways To Support Great Indie Fiction

So, thanks to the success of the An Ancient Stirring kickstarter almost two weeks ago, this year has gotten off to a great start for me. However, there is still a ways to go for me to reach my goal of being able to work on my writing full time. Toward that end, I have no openedContinue reading “New Year, New Ways To Support Great Indie Fiction”