Support Indie Fantasy Films, Too!

I mostly talk about books here, for obvious reasons, but there is also an decent indie sci-fi and fantasy film scene. Over the years, I’ve helped support a few via crowdfund, mostly by Arrowstorm Entertainment, who succeeded enough to get a CW fantasy show, The Outpost, which just got renewed for a third season.

Today, however, I want to draw attention to another, currently active indie project: Ren: The Girl With the Mark, by Mythica Entertainment.

I first happened upon the first “season” of episodes on Youtube a while back, and found it to be a nice, well made fantasy series. Unfortunately, it left off on a cliffhanger, and for a while, there wasn’t much news on a continuation of the series.

Now, however, it will be–if it can get funded on Kickstarter. Based on the quality of the first season, and behind the scenes videos, this is a project the creators have truly been putting real effort into, and worthy of your support.

In a time when much of what we get from the mainstream entertainment industry is mediocre at best, it behooves us to support indies doing quality work in the genres we enjoy, just as so many of us already do with book or comics.

I’ve already backed the campaign, and I suggest you check it out, and consider backing.


If you want to support my own indie projects, in addition to my books, which are all on Amazon, I now have a Patreon and a Subscribestar page. Check them out, and subscribe if you are interested. Any amount helps!

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