Cover Reveal: Galaxy Ascendant Book 5: A Fiery Reckoning Part 2

It’s that time again! What time? Time for another epic Galaxy Ascendant cover reveal! This time we’ve got the cover Galaxy Ascendant book 5, A Fiery Reckoning Part 2: Empire’s Fall. I will be imminently launching an indiegogo campaign for both Galaxy Ascendant books 4 & 5. Following the explosive events at the end ofContinue reading “Cover Reveal: Galaxy Ascendant Book 5: A Fiery Reckoning Part 2”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Reveal!

It’s finally time! At last, I can happily share with all of you the finalized cover art for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance. (Will share the final cover, with text, some time after Christmas.)     The cover this time features one character readers up to date with the series have met before, butContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Reveal!”

Cover Reveal: The Dragon Hand

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, due to thing beyond both my and my artist’s control, but it’s well worth the wait. Things have been generally very busy lately, and I’m past due for a general update on my various projects (coming soon!). But rest assured, my army service hasn’t had a negative impactContinue reading “Cover Reveal: The Dragon Hand”