Girls Und Panzer: An Exemplar of Sportsmanship (Part 2)

Hey everyone, my latest video, where I continue my look into the sportsmanship in Girls Und Panzer, and its impacts on the characters and that world, is now live! Give it a look! More fun updates (apart from the videos) will be coming soon, G-d willing!

Girls Und Panzer: An Exemplar of Sportsmanship (Part 1)

Hey everyone, I realized it’s been quite a while since I posted here. Been quite busy working on both the new Light Unto Another World volumes (coming very, very soon!), Amaranth Angels, and also spending a fair amount of time over on youtube. I really should’ve been sharing my videos here all along. So, startingContinue reading “Girls Und Panzer: An Exemplar of Sportsmanship (Part 1)”

Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10: Live Now on Kickstarter!

It’s finally time! I’m excited to finally announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10! While his army training prepared him for many things, Uriel Makkis had not been expecting to be suddenly pulled through a portal and stranded on another world. However, he was always adaptable, and quicklyContinue reading “Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10: Live Now on Kickstarter!”

Coming to Kickstarter: Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10

Well, it took a little longer than I’d anticipated (turns out animation, especially animation as good as Philip made for this project, can take some time to get done), but it’s finally time! The Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 Kickstarter campaign is launching on Tuesday July 12, at around 12pm Eastern time! The adventureContinue reading “Coming to Kickstarter: Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10”

Big Patreon Update and Contest Announcement!

So amid everything else going on at the start of this year, including Covid finally getting to me (I’m already on the mend, expect to be fine to return to work after the weekend), I’ve made some significant updates to my Patreon! New rewards, new tiers! Discord: I now have a Discord server that allContinue reading “Big Patreon Update and Contest Announcement!”

Announcing: Amaranth Angels

I figure that since it’s currently Chanukah, and that I just earned my freedom from quarantine, a good way to celebrate would be to publicly reveal my next project, which I plan to work on concurrently with Light Unto Another World. So, I’m very pleased & excited to introduce to you all my upcoming mangaContinue reading “Announcing: Amaranth Angels”

Patreon Push & Special Offer

As some of you may know, I have a Patreon! It’s been live for a little while now, and a couple months ago I began releasing my Patreon-exclusive mecha serial, Zadir Corps: First Strike. I’m specifically talking about it now since I’m currently running a very special offer on it. For the next 12 orContinue reading “Patreon Push & Special Offer”

Light Unto Another World Volume 2: The Adventure Continues!

I’m excited to announce the release of Light Unto Another World Volume 2, the second installment in my new isekai light novel series! It’s been a journey, and we’re still just getting started! Most of the little bumps in the road have been evened out or passed, so, G-d willing, there should be smoother sailingContinue reading “Light Unto Another World Volume 2: The Adventure Continues!”

New Zadir Reveal, Plus a Tribute to a Very Special Dragon

With my new Patreon/Subscribestar exclusive mecha serial Zadir Corps: First Strike launching, G-d willing, sometime during the first week of July, I’m excited to be able to provide a little bit more hype for the series in the form of another mecha class that will eventually be making an appearance. (Also, keep reading past theContinue reading “New Zadir Reveal, Plus a Tribute to a Very Special Dragon”

Introducing: Zadir Corps: First Strike

Light Unto Another World art & revisions are moving along very nicely, and that’s not far off from starting to come out, but I have another, smaller–but also awesome project to share with all of you! This July, I will be starting a Patreon/Subscribestar exclusive serialized mecha story (available to all tier levels). Allow meContinue reading “Introducing: Zadir Corps: First Strike”