Galaxy Ascendant 3 Cover Art Reveal!

It’s finally time! At last, I can happily share with all of you the finalized cover art for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance. (Will share the final cover, with text, some time after Christmas.)


A Shifting Alliance cover art Final.jpeg


The cover this time features one character readers up to date with the series have met before, but who was not a viewpoint character until this book, along with a character who is making his first appearance in the series here. I hope you all enjoy reading them once the book comes out; it’s a lot of fun. While I wanted to keep the same layout style as the previous books, I decided to change it up a bit, and had a slightly more action-y scene. Fitting, given the amount of action in the book itself.

Once again, all credit for this amazing art goes to John Zeleznik. This is the fourth cover he has done for my books over the last two years, and all have been amazing—if anything, they keep getting better and better. It was a very fun process as well, and you can expect more awesome John Zeleznik art to accompany my projects yet to come. (And while we’re here, I obviously highly recommend you contacting him if you need to commission art yourselves—for reasons I think I’ve made clear already.

The indiegogo campaign for A Shifting Alliance is still ongoing, and any support, or sharing of the campaign, is immensely appreciated. I’d highly recommend backing at the level to get the print version of the book, as John’s art looks even better in physical form.

Until next time!

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