I’m Back! Also, an Important Aspect of a Creator’s Mindset.

It’s been a while, sorry about that! Part of that is on me, for focusing more on finishing Galaxy Ascendant 5–it’s complete!–and just not getting to writing here. Also there were some things out of my control, and I’ve spent 3 of the last 4 and a half weeks in the field, being deployed due to a flareup in Gaza (the most “army” experience of my service so far) and for a company-scale drill. I wrote a lot less overall during those weeks, and what little I got done on my phone was fiction, both because it’s more enjoyable and it’s easier to do on the phone.

But I’m back now, and I hope to, ad minimum, get weekly posts up now going forward. Maybe I’ll even try and get some posts done ahead of time, so I’ll have some ready to go if stuff comes up again.

My friend and fellow author Jon Del Arroz put out a great blog post the other day. Couched in a sports metaphor, he talked about the need us to not get complacent, to not be overly satisfied with what we’ve accomplished, to remember that the fight doesn’t end. Especially for us indie creators, and even more so for those of us guilty of wrongthink, we cannot afford to step back and say “that’s good enough.” Similarly, even if a goal seems insurmountable, if it feels like we’ll never “get there” with our work, in the face of a culture that currently tries to ignore or attack us, we must keep pushing ahead.

Something worth adding to the points he made in his post is, I think, how this also applies all the more to those of us who see problems within certain franchises, genres, or larger aspects of culture, but have yet to do anything to enact real change. To refer back to the sports metaphor, it’s like a bench player railing about how poorly the team is doing, but never asking to be put in, or not contributing when actually thrust into the game.

Not only does anyone who wants things to get better need to stay hungry, as Jon put it, but they need to get hungry in the first place, and act on it.


I decided to act almost two years ago ,when I published the first book in the Galaxy Ascendant series. I have published three more novels, a nonfiction book, and released a few short stories. G-d willing, this year I’ll release three more books, and more short stories, at minimum. I will keep pulling myself up until I get to where I need to be, and so should you! Be the change you want to see.

Help me do so by checking out my books over on Amazon, and if you’ve already done so, please leave a review! Until next time!


a shifting alliance cover--no bleed final

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