Girls Und Panzer Character Analysis: Anzu Kadotani

Back to Girls Und Panzer videos with my first character analysis video, focusing on one of my favorite characters. There’s a lot more to Oarai’s student council president than meets the eye. She was a fun character to start off what’ll likely be a ton of Girls Und Panzer character analyses with. Check out theContinue reading “Girls Und Panzer Character Analysis: Anzu Kadotani”

Superb Visual Storytelling in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale

Well, I appear to have again completely forgotten to post about my latest video in a timely manner. Better late than never, so here it is! This time, I took a close look at a small, but important scene in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale Part 2. Check out the video! (And if you haven’tContinue reading “Superb Visual Storytelling in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale”

Girls Und Panzer: An Exemplar of Sportsmanship (Part 2)

Hey everyone, my latest video, where I continue my look into the sportsmanship in Girls Und Panzer, and its impacts on the characters and that world, is now live! Give it a look! More fun updates (apart from the videos) will be coming soon, G-d willing!

The Disappointment of the Shield Hero

I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering when the Rising of the Shield Hero anime took the world by storm a couple years ago. That was shortly after I got back into anime, and shows in the fantasy genre (isekai or otherwise) made up the bulk of what I was watching at the time. SoContinue reading “The Disappointment of the Shield Hero”

Let’s Watch Girls Und Panzer: Episode 9

Been a little longer than I would’ve liked, but now we’re back with Girls Und Panzer Episode 9: “We’re in Deep Trouble!” We don’t pick up right where we left off—not quite. We’re treated to a little flashback to explain the revelation we got at the end of last episode. The Student Copuncil is meetingContinue reading “Let’s Watch Girls Und Panzer: Episode 9”

Let’s Watch Girls Und Panzer: Episode 8

Barreling toward the end of the season, but we’ve still got a few episodes left, starting with this one: Up Against Pravda! We pick up aboard a ship we’ve not seen before, sailing somewhere cold enough that there’s tons of ice in the ocean around it. This is the Pravda schoolship, as you might’ve guessedContinue reading “Let’s Watch Girls Und Panzer: Episode 8”

Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 7

After another delay (partly due to current events, partly my own fault), let’s get into episode 7 (Anzio is Next!) This is one that I remembered less well than others, as it’s a rare episode without much tank action in it (those epic moments are those that tend to be easiest to recall). However, thisContinue reading “Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 7”

Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 6

Been a little while since the last one of these, but I’m glad to be back to finish off Oarai’s first tournament battle. However, I should note that since these posts take some time to put together (they’re rather long, as you can see, and taking the screenshots only adds more time to the tally),Continue reading “Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 6”

Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 5

After a bit of a delay, it’s time to get back to my look at Girls Und Panzer! Just a quick note, I do definitely plan on having other stuff here too. Got another couple posts lined up hopefully for this week. As fun as this series continues to be, I’m not going to turn thisContinue reading “Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 5”

Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 4

Time for more Girls Und Panzer fun! If you haven’t been following this series of posts yet, I’ll be spoiling events of this episode, but nothing further if I can help it. The show is great; consider watching along with this, and experience the awesome wholesomeness for the first time. Now, into the episode. EpisodeContinue reading “Let’s Talk Girls Und Panzer: Episode 4”