Big Patreon Update and Contest Announcement!

So amid everything else going on at the start of this year, including Covid finally getting to me (I’m already on the mend, expect to be fine to return to work after the weekend), I’ve made some significant updates to my Patreon!

New rewards, new tiers!

Discord: I now have a Discord server that all my Patrons gains access to. What’ll we do there? We’ll figure it out.

Early access to Light Unto Another World: Starting this month, I will begin sharing draft chapters of upcoming Light Unto Another World volumes with $5 and up Patrons. If you don’t want to wait till the books are properly out to find out what happens next, well, now you have a way to get even earlier access.

Early Access to Amaranth Angels Pages: This is a little way’s off yet (but not too far), but yes, all $10 and up Patrons will be the first to see finished pages of my upcoming manga, Amaranth Angels! You’ve all seen how great the black & white art my artist, Philip san Gaspar, has done for Light Unto Another World, so look forward to that level of quality being on display there as well!

The Contest

I’ve already made brief mention of it elsewhere, but it’s too big to miss!
Once my Patreon hits the first goal of $50 a month, I will be opening up a chance at helping create a side character in Light Unto Another World, a prize which includes art of that character. Several people backed the first kickstarter at a tier that offered a similar reward; check out some of the awesome art that came from that! (Shrunken down here).

The contest will be open to the public to comply with Patreon rules, but we need to hit that goal before it can happen! Additionally, when we hit $100 a month, there will be another identical giveaway! (There are a few additional contest details on a public post over on Patreon as well.)

And, of course, there are many other rewards Patrons received, such as early access to art updates (like cover art & concept art) from all my projects, along with the action-packed mecha serial, Zadir Corps: First Strike!

The year’s still young, February just began, and there’s tons of amazing stuff coming soon. Help me take things to the next level, and subscribe today! Every little bit helps!

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