Announcing: Amaranth Angels

I figure that since it’s currently Chanukah, and that I just earned my freedom from quarantine, a good way to celebrate would be to publicly reveal my next project, which I plan to work on concurrently with Light Unto Another World.

So, I’m very pleased & excited to introduce to you all my upcoming manga project, Amaranth Angels.

Amaranth Angels (yes is also has a Japanese title because why not), is a sci-fi starfighter adventure inspired by military-esque anime such as Girls Und Panzer (though it’s decidedly not a sports story), and things like The Last Starfighter or even Star Wars‘s Rogue Squadron series (the book series, not the canceled/on hold tv show).

Girls Und Panzer is my favorite anime of all time, so I wanted to do something in a sort of similar vein (cute anime girls doing military-esque things) but in more of an adventure setting. And since my favorite parts of many sci-fi franchises is starfighter combat, the rest fell together pretty quickly. And it quickly became clear that a story like this needed to be told in a more visual format, a manga it became. The art will be done by Philip San Gaspar, who you might recognize as the artist who worked with me on Light Unto Another World. I’m really looking forward to working with him on this, and to continue working with him on Light Unto Another World, which isn’t slowing down at all.

So enough about why I’m making this manga. What’s it actually about?

In the year 2265, Earth is at peace. However, as humanity expands, gradually, out into space, many understand the importance of developing new starfighter technology–just in case there is something nasty out there. As a way to prevent countries from growing suspicious of one another as they develop new technology and fighter models, Performance Squadrons, which hold stunt flying demonstrations, simulated battles, and even competitive squadron-on-squadron combat–without live ammo, of course–became popular as both entertainment and a way to test and demonstrate new starfighter designs.

Despite being a little younger than average for a starfighter pilot, Saya Nishizawa is widely recognized as one of the best pilots in the world, and that skill got her a prime spot on one of the most popular and successful performance squadrons, the Amaranth Angels.

Due to a recent personal tragedy, however, Saya currently wants to be as far from a starfighter cockpit as possible. But a sudden crisis of a different kind is about to force her back inside of one as she and several friends, both old and new, find themselves stranded halfway across the galaxy, with no choice but to help a small alien starfighter squadron defend a key installation against a relentless, seemingly endless foe.

Saya and the others will each have to find a way to make the best of their new situation, and learn how to effectively work together, if they’re to survive and find a way back home.

You like cute anime girls? You like pulse-pounding starfighter combat? Expect a ton of both, along with just general fun, with a relatively large cast of characters.

I’ve already shared the concept art of the human girls already, but I’ll include it below here as well, along with each of their names. More details on each of them to come soon. (And yes this does imply non-human girls will be coming soon as well!)

In order, from left to right: Saya, Botan, Ayame, Miho, Rina. As I wrote above, expect more on each of them, and the rest of the main cast, over the coming months.

And since this is a big day, let’s show off the concept art for one of the starfighters they’ll be flying. Allow me to present the Rose Thorn. All of the starfighter concept art so far is done by Raxxis over on Fiverr.

And yes, I will be releasing more info, specs, on the various starfighters over time as well.

Now, the big question: When will this be coming out? While I don’t have a precise date yet, I can say with some certainty that the kickstarter campaign for at least the initial volume will be launching in 2022; if the writing & artwork continue to move along well, possibly as early as the spring.

There’s going to be much, much more for me to share until we reach that point, however, and if you’d like to get first looks at all new updates for this, and my other projects, along with additional rewards, subscribe to my Patreon for as little as $2 a month!

Either way, keep an eye on this site, and on my Instagram, for more updates as we slowly move toward the big day! See you in the stars.

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