Coming to Kickstarter: Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10

Well, it took a little longer than I’d anticipated (turns out animation, especially animation as good as Philip made for this project, can take some time to get done), but it’s finally time!

The Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 Kickstarter campaign is launching on Tuesday July 12, at around 12pm Eastern time!

The adventure continues for Uriel and his team in these next five volumes as stronger adversaries take action against him and his allies–enemies that they might not be prepared for.

New friends, new foes, new revelations, and, as always, a fun, exciting, (and wholesome) story!

Each volume is guaranteed 5 internal illustrations, and stretch goals can bring that up to seven like last time.

So watch the trailer, get hype, and tell your friends to join the adventure!

(The text on the covers may change a bit between now and release, but the amazing art, as you can see, is all done!)

Many more details to follow, so stay tuned!

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