Patreon Push & Special Offer

As some of you may know, I have a Patreon! It’s been live for a little while now, and a couple months ago I began releasing my Patreon-exclusive mecha serial, Zadir Corps: First Strike.

I’m specifically talking about it now since I’m currently running a very special offer on it. For the next 12 or so days, all new subscribers at any tier (so as little as $2 a month), will get a free ebook of their choice from my existing catalog in addition to the regular perks.

What do you get as a patron?

The main thing at the moment is the free monthly serial, but you also get first access to new art updates for all of my projects. For those who choose to subscribe at the $10 tier, you will also receive a free digital copy of any ebook I release while you’re subscribed.

Why I need you

I’d really like to start growing the Patreon, and offering additional content for my subscribers. Things like bonus artwork, interactive content, and potentially more stories. Longer term, I’d love to grow it enough to be able ot put out more projects (or at least get them started) with Patreon contributions so I don’t need to Kickstarter everything, and more important, be able to put out more great projects at a faster pace. Both of the awesome mecha arts for Zadir Corps: First Strike were paid for almost entirely with money raised from my Patreon.

$2 a month isn’t much (and I wouldn’t want to ask people to give more than they can afford), but it does add up, and the more people who subscribe, the more others are likely to see and join in the fun. Especially for things like interactive content, it’d work much better with more people around, and of course, since everything earned there goes right back into my projects, the more monthly contributions there are, the more awesome stuff I can get done.

And of course, subscribing now nets you a free ebook.

Check out my Patreon here, and I hope to see you there soon!
Become a Patron!

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