Light Unto Another World Update

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been sharing updates on this project elsewhere, but it’s past due to share another here, as we count down the last few weeks till the launch of the kickstarter for volumes 1-5. Yes, I’ll be funding 5 books at once. All 5 volumes have been written, and I’m actually halfway through volume 6 already. The covers for volumes 1-5 are also ready.

Had a bit of a delay getting this most recent art (circumstances beyond my artist’s control kept us out of contact for a bit), but we’re rolling again, and, G-d willing, we will continue to do so. So it’s both because of that, and because people who’ve done better at crowdfunding than I have thus far say that it really is better to wait until mid-late January to launch, so you’re after the holidays. Expect more updates as that gets closer.

For now, though, I do have a tangible update to share with you, the second internal art for volume 1 (of a planned 4 for now.) G-d willing, I’ll have the other 2 for this book done as well before the kickstarter launches.

He did an amazing job with this, and I can’t wait for the next one. Also, a quick teaser for the campaign itself. There will be a stretch goal (a rather large one) which would enable me to commit to starting a manga adaptation of the series (though more would require its own campaign eventually.) Not to put the cart before the horse, but this story would adapt very well, and I have plans. Plus, I would hopefully use the same artist for that, and I know he’d do an awesome job.

Just something to keep in mind during the lead-up to launch, at which time I hope you’ll contribute and spread the word far and wide. 🙂

Until then, if you haven’t done so already, check out my completed Galaxy Ascendant series over on amazon (and if you’ve read them, consider leaving a review!), along with my Patreon & Subscribestar pages; subscribers at any tier get first access to update like this awesome art, and more!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Light Unto Another World Update

  1. Yakov

    The internal art from Light on the world look fantastic. They’re good quality BD panels from a French comic


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