Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 Kickstarter Update, and Travel to Another World Reward Spotlight

So, the Kickstarter for Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10 got off to a pretty good start! At around 5 days in, we’re on the edge of being 50% funded! (For reference, the previous Light Unto Another World campaign fully funded on Day 12.)

However, there’s still a ways left to go. Hitting the main goal isn’t enough, after all; there are a bunch of extremely exciting stretch goals I really hope we hit. These include goals that’ll add more internal art to each volume, individual character art that I’d be able to use to offer merch & other rewards in the future, and a nice bonus for my amazing artist, who really deserves it.

Feedback from readers regarding the series overall has been extremely positive so far, but there are many more people who would love it if they only knew about it. While I’ve definitely gotten better at my marketing game over the years, I’m still just one person with a relatively small platform. So you, my readers (and backers) can really help the campaign a ton by sharing it around to anyone you know who might find the series interesting and exciting, and by posting the kickstarter in any places where you think potential readers may be (such as Facebook, Discord, or other places where groups of light novel readers congregate.)

While I’m talking about the campaign, I also wanted to put a little spotlight on one of the most exciting reward options for an individual backer, the Travel to Another World reward option!

Now, rewards where a backer gets to have a character based off of themselves, or through which they help create a side character, is nothing too unusual for book crowdfunding campaigns. What Travel to Another World offers, however, goes beyond. Travel to Another World backers not only get to help create a side character who’ll be guaranteed at least one appearance (and likely more down the line), but they receive a full-color illustration of their character! Below are the Travel to Another World characters backers helped create during my previous campaign. Maybe this time it’ll be your character?

There is a limited number of these rewards available, so don’t wait too long! 😉

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