Galaxy Ascendant 7: A Worthy Sacrifice Kickstarter is Live!

The end draws near! For anyone who didn’t see it yesterday, the Kickstarter campaign for the seventh and final book in the Galaxy Ascendant series is live!

In A Worthy Sacrifice, our heroes face one last desperate struggle to prevent an enemy they had not prepared for from undoing all their hard-won victories. Everyone must give their all, no matter the cost, if they hope to survive and achieve victory.

I put together a (largely spoiler-free) trailer, which you can see here.

It’s been a real journey, these past 3 years (since the release of book 1 in the series, A Greater Duty), and it’s so satisfying to have reached this concluding point. I’ve greatly enjoyed writing this series, and my readers have enjoyed reading them. So will you!

The campaign got off to a good start yesterday, and it would be awesome if we could keep the momentum going. If we pass the main goal, I’ll be able to ensure more bonus art will be included in the book, and, of course, anything extra beyond that will be going right into paying for production costs on my next projects.

Check out the campaign here, and back today! Even just sharing it around to anyone who might be interested is helpful, and just takes a moment.

Hope to see you all come aboard for one more ride into the Galaxy Ascendant.

Galaxy Ascendant 7 Color Sketch (With Text)

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