Cover Reveal: Galaxy Ascendant Book 5: A Fiery Reckoning Part 2

It’s that time again! What time? Time for another epic Galaxy Ascendant cover reveal! This time we’ve got the cover Galaxy Ascendant book 5, A Fiery Reckoning Part 2: Empire’s Fall. I will be imminently launching an indiegogo campaign for both Galaxy Ascendant books 4 & 5. Following the explosive events at the end of Galaxy Ascendant book 3, A Shifting Alliance, the war take a drastic turn as it escalates further, pitting our heroes against their toughest foes yet. Originally conceived as a single book, it became clear to me a while back that I’d need two books to do this part of the story justice, so here we are.


Now, to the cover itself!


A Fiery Reckoning (Part 2) Cover Left Flush


We get to see two new main characters who have previously appeared in the series, but have only recently started to occupy a major portion of the story: Praeketor Tiverias Maccabae a’Jeddaen, an officer in the fleet of the Talvostan Union, and Grand Admiral Sai’var, the mysterious, brilliant commander in chief of the Revittan Empire’s navy—despite not being a Revittan himself. Additionally, we get a glimpse of another antagonist who has been mentioned before, but is only now starting to truly make his presence felt.


John Zeleznik did an absolutely amazing job yet again, and I’m already figuring out what I’ll want him to do with the cover art for the final two books of the series. Think you’re going to love those too.


Oh and before we’re done here, here are the cover arts for books 4 & 5 side by side.

A Fiery Reckoning Covers Combined (With Text)

Can’t wait to show you more, and for you all to get your hands on these books. It’s going to be awesome! Keep your eyes here for notice of the indiegogo campaign, very soon!

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