Cover Reveal: The Dragon Hand

It’s taken a bit longer than expected, due to thing beyond both my and my artist’s control, but it’s well worth the wait. Things have been generally very busy lately, and I’m past due for a general update on my various projects (coming soon!). But rest assured, my army service hasn’t had a negative impact on my writing speed; I’ve actually been far more productive than I dared to hope when I first drafted back in December! But that’s for another post.

Here, I’m beyond pleased to introduce the cover for my first epic fantasy novel, The Dragon Hand!

John Zeleznik really knocked it out of the park with this one! The Dragon Hand Cover NoBleed

The Dragon Hand has been in the works for a while, and it was very fun to write. While my next couple of releases will be more Galaxy Ascendant books, I will not be neglecting The Dragon King Trilogy, and the outline for book 2 is already in progress.

I’ll be getting the final files to my formatters at the start of next week, and if all goes smoothly, the book will be out within the next couple of weeks!

An ancient evil is returning to threaten the world—at least, that’s what the voice in Serivak’s head is telling him.

As the only dragon in the kingdom, Serivak’s position as the King’s Hand is precarious enough before the voice of of his ancestor warned of the new threat. With the help of two young foreigners and a pair of mercenaries, Serivak endeavors to avert disaster—but as evidence of a treasonous conspiracy grows, his political enemies close to home may be even more dangerous.

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