An Ancient Stirring Live on Kickstarter!

I am pleased to announce that the campaign for Galaxy Ascendant book 6, An Ancient Stirring, is now live on Kickstarter!

As is obvious, this is a campaign to cover the production costs (art, editing, etc) for the book. Additionally, this time I have something else you can help fund, namely a series of special sketches I hope to include in the series finale, which I aim to release in the spring. As before, other high tier rewards include having a character name inspired by your own (or that of a loved one), helping design a ship, and more! As the campaign progresses, a couple of new, exclusive tiers will be added as well… so stay tuned.

Kickstarter is all or nothing, so anything you can contribute, and anyone you can share the campaign with, is extremely important!

For new readers, you can get the entire series thus far in Ebook format for only $12, and paperbacks are of course available as well.

The series takes some unexpected, but well earned turns as we hurtle toward the epic conclusion.

Check out the campaign (which includes a trailer–possible spoilers for earlier books) here, and I hope to see you join me for the next chapter in the Galaxy Ascendant series!

An Ancient Stirring Cover Art Sketch


The war is over, and the galaxy is trying to pick up the pieces. But some still worry that other dangers, ancient forces, are still out there. Forces the galaxy is not prepared to face. This winter, the Galaxy Ascendant series hurtles toward its epic conclusion, with its penultimate chapter.

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