Galaxy Ascendant 5 Is Here!

If it feels like we were here only a month ago, that’s because we were! Exactly one month ago, Galaxy Ascendant book 4, A Fiery Reckoning I: Ascendancy’s Rise, was released, and now, we celebrate the release of book 5 in the Galaxy Ascendant series, A Fiery Reckoning II: Empire’s Fall.

Without spoiling things, the book picks up right where book 4 left off, right in the middle of the massive war with the Revittan Empire, and, with this book, that war will conclude, setting the stage for the final two books in the series.

I know I keep saying this with every new book, but it’s true. Book 5 is the best yet in the series, and continues ramping things up. My editor agrees too, and there’s one scene in particular that he told me on its own was worth the price of admission. What scene? Read and find out. 😉

If you like massive space battles, interesting characters on both sides facing tough challenges, and laser swords, you’ll love this book!

Special thanks once again to John Zeleznik, who came through with incredible cover art yet again, and Ben Zwycky, who helped ensure that the book itself was as polished as could be. Thanks as well to Cornelia Yoder, for the updates to the Galaxy map, and to Miryam Merkin, who put together the back cover for the paperback once again.

If you haven’t already got started on the more epic, ambitious space opera series out there right now, you can do so today! Book 1, A Greater Duty, is available for only $0.99.

I hope everyone enjoys (and leaves reviews)!

The A Fiery Reckoning II: Empire’s Fall ebook is live now, and the print version, if not already live, should be available on Amazon as well very soon.

See below for the epic trailer I put together for books 4 & 5 (no spoilers obviously for either of those, though given that we’re this far into the series, there are obviously potential spoilers in both the trailer & book description (the book description for book 5 of course includes potential spoilers for book 4).

The tide has turned, but the war is far from over.

One enemy has been defeated, but the one that remains is far more powerful a foe.

All the while, the most dangerous enemy yet lurks out of sight.

With the Galactic Alliance utterly defeated, High Executor Darkclaw and his Tyrannodon Alliance can now turn their full attention to the Revittan Empire.

However, Darkclaw now finds himself directly opposed to his most dangerous enemy yet, the brilliant and allegedly unbeatable Grand Admiral Sai’var.

The two commanders find them locked in a battle of wits while our heroes, spread throughout the galaxy, at different positions in the conflict, struggle to bring the already too-long war to an end.

However, at the center of the Empire, and the war, lie powers that neither Darkclaw or Sai’var fully comprehend, and which may spell doom for the galaxy, no matter who wins the war.

The Galaxy Ascendant series unleashes its biggest, most intense book yet, as the story hurtles toward its final chapters.


A Fiery Reckoning (Part 2) Cover Left Flush

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