Galaxy Ascendant 3 Indiegogo Launch!

That’s right! Today, I launched the indiegogo campaign for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance.

Despite efforts to avoid further conflict, the Galaxy is at war again. The Galactic Alliance, made up of both old allies and recent enemies, now face down the large and oppressive Revittan Empire, a very different enemy than they have faced before.

Within Imperial space, things are not calm either, as a rebellion against the Empire’s rule is growing in strength, and, thanks to an unlikely heroine, have a link, of a sort, to the Alliance.

With Galaxy Ascendant 3, the galaxy expands greatly, properly introducing the Revittan Empire, and more! I’m taking things up a notch here in terms of story, where we also have several new viewpoint characters, in addition to so much more.

And, as always, I am striving to make the best product possible, and the book (which is already finished) will have yet another amazing John Zeleznik cover (in progress artwork is on the campaign page), top-notch editing again, and, a soon to be revealed new, fancier galaxy map to display the newly expanded setting.

This is where you come in. All of this work takes money, and as someone currently living on a military salary (nothing to write home about), I need your help to be able to continue producing great books. This latest book was written entirely during my army service, most of it on base, on my phone, and books 4 and 5 are already outlined, and I’m already well into the writing of book 4. Rest assured that my pace is being maintained as well as it can be. But I need to be able to afford to keep this up.

So check out the campaign here (and the trailer video, which I had a lot of fun putting together) and consider contributing. Regular readers can just get book 3, newcomers can jump right in to the entire series, and, those who really want something special, can look to the higher tiers, through which YOU, yes, you (or a loved one, or anyone you choose, really) can be transformed into a character in the Galaxy Ascendant; I will adapt your name for a character to appear in book 4, and possibly beyond, and we will work together to determine which species you character is, and in what part of the story he or she is taking part.

The galaxy awaits! Come join us for fun, epic, grand-scope space opera fiction. You won’t be disappointed.


A Shifting Alliance cover art sketch 3

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