New Release: The Dragon Hand

A bit later than initially planned, but we’ve made it to the big moment, and now I get ot share with you a project that has been in progress, in one form or another, for quite a long time, and is something different from my previous and upcoming Galaxy Ascendant books.

Let me introduce you to my first fantasy novel, The Dragon Hand. The first book I have published during my IDF service (I actually hit the “publish” button right here on base) though it was completely written before I drafted almost a year ago.

This has been a fun, if long process, from the initial writing, to the editing, map, and cover art.

The Dragon Hand is the first book in the Dragon King Trilogy, and while my next couple of in progress books are more Galaxy Ascendant ones, the outline for Dragon King 2 is already in progress, and if things go well, my release schedule should get even quicker than it’s been, which means not too much time to wait in between books. It has been fun, seeing a slightly older work of mine come to life, and I am ecstatic that it’ll finally be able to get into your hands.

Special thanks to several people whose names you have likely seen me mention here before: John Zeleznik, for really hitting it out of the park with his artwork for the book’s cover, Ben Zwycky for once again providing excellent editorial advice, and Miryam Merkin, who is once again designing the back cover. Additionally, I would like to thank Cornelia Yoder, for making my first experience commissioning a fantasy map an enjoyable one, and, of course, for making the map come out great! You’ll be seeing more of her work here before too long, but that’s for another post.

Check out The Dragon Hand over on Amazon, where the e-book is already available! The print version will be up as well within a week or so.

I hope you enjoy, and that if you do, you leave a review over on Amazon. It’s impossible to overstate how helpful reviews are.img_0110

See you in dragon-filled skies!

An ancient evil is returning to threaten the world—at least, that’s what one of voices in Serivak’s head is telling him.

As the only dragon in the kingdom and technically a prisoner of war, Serivak’s position as the King’s Hand via his friendship with the young king is precarious enough before the voice of one of his ancestors warned of the new threat. With the help of two young foreigners, Serivak endeavors to avert disaster—but as evidence of a conspiracy grows, his political enemies close to home may be even more dangerous.

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