Galaxy Ascendant Lore Post: The River Lark, a Souped-Up Classic

Welcome to the first of several planned Galaxy Ascendant lore posts, designed to give you a deeper look into some of the ships, characters, organizations, species, and more, in this expansive galaxy. Unfortunately I don’t have a concept art image for this as of now, but I do intend to commission such art once the Galaxy Ascendant 3 indiegogo is complete, and will happily share with you all it then!

River Lark
PT-1900 Light Freighter
Ship Type: Civilian light freighter
Manufacturer: Dammar Design Yards
Operator: Numerous shipping companies, untold number of private individuals. (River Lark: Dran Syrull, Ayil and Liya Lotyk)
First Deployment: 250 BTA (Before Tyrannodon Arrival)
Length: 39m
Width:  27m
Height:  9m
Crew: Required: 1. Optimal Operation: 3-5
Armament: 2 forward-mounted plasma cannons, 1 forward mounted torpedo launcher, dorsal and ventral, manually-operated repeating plasma batteries.
Capacity: 80-110 metric tons of cargo, or 36 cramped passengers.

History & Technical Notes

Originally designed with the intention of being picked up for use by a major shipping company, the PT-1900, after failing to get that contract, was purchased and produced by Dammar Design Yards, then an up-and-coming ship company in the Galactic Alliance. The new light freighter was very well received, and became a common sight among shipping firms and in shipyard operations, with the small ship’s overpowered engines finding it a secondary role as a tug.

Many, many ships were produced and purchased by individuals as well, and over time became a common sight throughout the Alliance.

Due to their durability and compatibility with many replacement parts, the PT-1900’s lifespan proved longer than anyone could have anticipated, with many of the aging ships being picked up and used by more… unsavory characters, up to this day, where the outdated ship is most well associated with smugglers, pirates, and other criminal elements.

The owner of the River Lark, Dran Syrull, and his mates Ayil and Liya Lotyk, does not deviate from this pattern, and the trio made good use of the ship in their smuggling careers. Where the Lark stands out, however, is that despite its near-ancient chassis, it is quite capable of matching even most modern ships, thanks to its extensive modifications; its upgraded hyperdrive and shielding, along with its relatively heavy armament, make it a far tougher and deadlier ship than most give it credit for—which is part of the point, and also why Dran refuses to clean the exterior beyond the bare minimum required to ensure everything functions, and does not repaint it. “I like my women beautiful and my ship ugly. To be envied for the right things, and underestimated where it counts.”


And you can see one of the River Lark‘s crew on the cover of A Shifting Alliance, as well! And she would love for you to support the book. ^_^

A Shifting Alliance cover art sketch 3

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