Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 3)

And here is the third and final installment of “On Angels’ Wings”! It’s also the longest part. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to share this around if you like it! (I’ll also be posting a full version of the story in the coming days, for reading convenience.)   Aren was awakened by Snap re-enteringContinue reading “Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 3)”

Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of “On Angels’ Wings”. Third part will be up in less than a week. Hope you enjoy!   Aren was awakened the next morning by Snap’s voice in his mind, saying “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.” “Enough already!” Aren replied as he forced himself to get up and ignore his sore muscles. “BeContinue reading “Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 2)”

Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 1)

If I recall correctly, I hinted in my last post as well as on Twitter that my next updates here would be something different. Well, the day has come! For the first time, I’ll be sharing a piece of fiction I’ve written with the world! (Also I don’t anticipate a great deal of writing timeContinue reading “Original Fiction (Sci-Fi): On Angels’ Wings (Part 1)”

Movie Review: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

Something new! (And my second post in two weeks!) I’ve written about movies before, but those were called Learning From Movies. Reason being, they were movies that had some good or worthwhile aspects, but overall weren’t ‘good’ movies. With those posts, I briefly reviewed the movies, then talked about the good in them, which oneContinue reading “Movie Review: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes”

A Quick Review of the Divergent Series (And the Beginning of a Discussion)

Aaand I’m back! It’s been far too long since I last posted here, but unfortunately graduate school took more of my time than expected.  Now that I know this, I hope to be able to better organize myself so that there aren’t any huge gaps between posts again. Ideally I’d get something up at leastContinue reading “A Quick Review of the Divergent Series (And the Beginning of a Discussion)”

I’m back! Also, Learning From Movies: Prometheus

It’s been far too long. Almost two months, in fact. It’s partially my fault, but at the same time not. Basically, finals happened. And for a number of reasons, this finals season was the hardest one I’ve had in a while (partially due to my lack of desire to do anything school related). But nowContinue reading “I’m back! Also, Learning From Movies: Prometheus”

You Got Fantasy In My Sci-Fi/You Got Sci-Fi In My Fantasy

The Fantasy and Science Fiction have an interesting relationship. Very often they are grouped together, by bookstores, fans, and writers alike (often abbreviated as SF/F). It’s particularly interesting because it’s not something really seen elsewhere. Yes, other genres can be grouped together, and when you factor in subgenres or books that specifically combine one orContinue reading “You Got Fantasy In My Sci-Fi/You Got Sci-Fi In My Fantasy”