Takeaways From the 2017 Dragon Awards

So, the Dragon Awards have come and gone, and I;m most definitely late to the after-awards discussion. However, I wanted to get a few thoughts it (and share a more comprehensive post on the main takeaways by Dragon Award nominee Richard Paolinelli.) The first, is that the Dragons have demonstrated that no one group canContinue reading “Takeaways From the 2017 Dragon Awards”

Personal Musings: New Paths

So, once again, I have been unable to regularly get posts up here, this time in large part to a pair of major changes in my life and career trajectory, which I touched upon a couple months back in one of my last posts on here. First, as mentioned there, I moved country, from theContinue reading “Personal Musings: New Paths”

Writer’s Ramble: Star Trek and (Intellectual) Diversity

(A note: This post will be touching on politics; I do not intend to do so often, and I’d much rather be writing about writing, or SF/F stuff I love, but this is something that needed to be said. Also, this, as it is under my “Writer’s Ramble” header, this was written in a relativelyContinue reading “Writer’s Ramble: Star Trek and (Intellectual) Diversity”

Writer’s Ramble: Some Thoughts on the Dragon Awards, and SF/F Publishing Awards in General

(Trying out putting super-titles before article titles so I can better categorize my posts here in the future once I reorganize this site. This post, and posts that’ll have the Writer’s Ramble super-title will be largely written in one sitting, with me just saying my opinions, as opposed to future articles that’ll feature more researchContinue reading “Writer’s Ramble: Some Thoughts on the Dragon Awards, and SF/F Publishing Awards in General”

Book Review: Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia (Spoilers)

And I’m back from another too long lapse in blog posts…this time it’s entirely my fault–the fiction writing just was too compelling. (currently writing two new books while editing and revising a third.) ¬†Another reason I’m finally getting this done is because the library I borrowed this book from won’t let me even renew itContinue reading “Book Review: Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia (Spoilers)”