Women in Star Wars: Tor.com Misses the Mark–Again

I’ve been fairly open about the numerous issues I’ve had with modern Star Wars. While I will continue to give The Force Awakens the benefit of the doubt (for overall quality) until I see where The Last Jedi takes the series, I cannot ignore the major problems that have become more and more visible, especially in Rogue One. The twoContinue reading “Women in Star Wars: Tor.com Misses the Mark–Again”


Brian Niemeier recently put up an excellent post on his website, in which he discusses the reasons pulp historian and author of Appendix N, Jeffro Johnson, gave for why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story failed to meet the pulp tone and standards of the original trilogy. Many of these issues are similar to the ones I hadContinue reading “PulpFail”

Thoughts on Rogue One, and My Growing Problem with the Star Wars Franchise

Let me start off by making it clear that I love Star Wars. Ever since I saw the originals (on VHS–lucky me!) I’ve been in love with the universe. Years back, I read many of the Expanded Universe books (though I did take issue with some of them, but more on that later), and played aContinue reading “Thoughts on Rogue One, and My Growing Problem with the Star Wars Franchise”