Introducing: Zadir Corps: First Strike

Light Unto Another World art & revisions are moving along very nicely, and that’s not far off from starting to come out, but I have another, smaller–but also awesome project to share with all of you! This July, I will be starting a Patreon/Subscribestar exclusive serialized mecha story (available to all tier levels). Allow meContinue reading “Introducing: Zadir Corps: First Strike”

Introducing A Greater Duty, Part 1: How We Got Here

There is still some time before the release of my debut novel, A Greater Duty, but it shouldn’t be too long now. Thus, I believe the time is right to begin introducing this story, the product of over a decade of (on and off) work, to all of you. As I stated above, the initialContinue reading “Introducing A Greater Duty, Part 1: How We Got Here”