JordanCon 2014 Recap (Part 3)

Day 3…the last day of the con. I successfully dragged myself out of my room in time for the Team Jordan signing at 10am. I noticed that there ended up being a very short line; probably a product of being first thing in the morning after an evening where people had been drinking. So forContinue reading “JordanCon 2014 Recap (Part 3)”

JordanCon 2014 Recap (Part 2)

On to day 2. (Also here I’d like to thank the creators of the JordanCon app, which makes looking back at the panel details much easier, in addition to being useful during the convention.) Surprisingly, I got downstairs relatively on time on the Saturday of the convention this year; not having to wait long toContinue reading “JordanCon 2014 Recap (Part 2)”

Some Thoughts and Observations After Completing My Second Book

If you follow me on twitter, You might be aware that this week I completed my second book (the first draft of it, at least). This is a really exciting and important milestone for me. While completing that first one was in many ways more important in that I knew that IĀ could finish a novel,Continue reading “Some Thoughts and Observations After Completing My Second Book”