Promotion: Blog Tours

As the release of my debut novel, A Greater Duty, fast approaches, I’ve been thinking more and more about promotion options, seeing as it’s something important that I’ll need to do, as much as it might not be something I’m naturally skilled at or enjoy.

As such, the timing of the second episode of Brian Niemeier’s On the Books podcast, an offshoot of Geek Gab, which I was on a few months back, was impeccable. In this episode, Brian, Daddy Warpig, Nick Cole, and L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright talk about promotion for new authors, with a focus on blog and podcast tours.

Definitely worth a listen if you’re even thinking about publishing something, whether on your own or with a big publisher–they don’t do a whole lot of promotion for new authors, these days.

As for me, expect some more short content here, and a book release in just a few days, at most! The next stage of this adventure is about to begin.

Source: On the Books: Blog Tours

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