Galaxy Ascendant Lore Post: The River Lark, a Souped-Up Classic

Welcome to the first of several planned Galaxy Ascendant lore posts, designed to give you a deeper look into some of the ships, characters, organizations, species, and more, in this expansive galaxy. Unfortunately I don’t have a concept art image for this as of now, but I do intend to commission such art once theContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant Lore Post: The River Lark, a Souped-Up Classic”

Galaxy Ascendant 3 Indiegogo Launch!

That’s right! Today, I launched the indiegogo campaign for Galaxy Ascendant 3: A Shifting Alliance. Despite efforts to avoid further conflict, the Galaxy is at war again. The Galactic Alliance, made up of both old allies and recent enemies, now face down the large and oppressive Revittan Empire, a very different enemy than they haveContinue reading “Galaxy Ascendant 3 Indiegogo Launch!”