A Look Back at 2021, and at What’s to Come in 2022

So I planned to write a 2021 retrospective, but suddenly it’s already almost the end of January, so going to combine that with my plans for this year.

2021 was my best writing year to date in many respects. There’s still a long way to go to get things exactly where I want, and 2022 is going to be, G-d willing, the continuation of that!

Light Unto Another World Kickstarter 1

This was definitely a highlight of 2021, as it was by far my most successful Kickstarter campaign to date. We exceeded my funding goal by enough that we hit 3 stretch goals, which resulted in 3 additional internal arts per volume. It was great to see all the excitement for Light Unto Another World, and I hope to make the upcoming Kickstarter for volumes 6-10 even bigger. This series has been a blast to work on, and I’ve gotten extremely positive feedback, so let’s see how big it can get!

Patreon Growth, and Zadir Corps: First Strike

I finally saw some growth in my Patreon this past year, and I began writing my mecha serial, Zadir Corps: First Strike, releasing one installment each month. I am planning on revamping the Patreon soon to provide additional benefits for supporters, so we can grow even more in 2022!

Light Unto Another World Volumes 1-5 Releases

I released 5–yes, 5–books in the second half of 2021 (right down to the wire, with Light Unto Another World Volume 5 releasing on December 31st.) It was my biggest year ever on that front, and while I still have a long way to go, it has contributed to making 2021 my most successful writing year so far.

Amaranth Angels

As if I wasn’t doing enough already, I started working on a manga in 2021! I put together the idea for the stories, came up with the characters and starfighters, and I’ve already gotten the concept art for all of them completed, along with the logo and some other art assets. As of writing this, I’m finishing the revision of the prologue.

What’s to Come?

I’ve got big plans for 2022, which are all more or less continuations of things from 2021, but BIGGER!

Light Unto Another World Volumes 6-10

I’m currently more than halfway through writing Light Unto Another World Volume 8, and I’m hoping to have things ready to Kickstart these 5 volumes no later than March, and of course to then release them this year. The story gets even crazier, as Uriel and the gang find themselves tangling with increasingly more dangerous foes!

Check out the amazing cover art for Volume 6!

Amaranth Angels

As if kickstarting and releasing 5 books this year isn’t enough already, I plan to Kickstart, and, G-d willing, release, a first volume of Amaranth Angels! The plan is to crowdfund it once I complete fulfillment of the next Light Unto Another World kickstarter. I will also be releasing the prologue for free, prior to that launch, so keep an eye out!

I’m working on it with Philip San Gaspar, who has done all the amazing Light Unto Another World art, and he’s so great to work with. For now, you can check out the completed concept art of the main cast!

Patreon Revamp

As I mentioned above, I plan to revamp the Patreon to try and grow it some more. Raising more per month there will be a huge help, allowing me to get more projects done more quickly, along with things like bonus artwork!

Among the changes I plan to make are offering early access to draft chapters of Light Unto Another World and new pages of Amaranth Angels once the sequential art gets underway. (Along with stuff like early access to updates, the Zadir Corps: First Strike serial, etc.) When things get big enough, I’d like to start with some interactive content as well to allow you to be more involved in things!

I also will try (again) to make some more regular posts here, since I do enjoy it. Just need to get better at managing my time with everything else I’m doing. That’s why the goal will remain reaching a point where I can write full time, as that means I’ll have 8 hours a day more to work on awesome projects!

2021 was great; let’s make 2022 even better!

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