2020 Retrospective

Well, 2020 certainly was a year, wasn’t it?

Figured that with just a few hours to go, it was time to reflect a little bit on how my year went (especially in regard to my writing.)

For me, personally, it was a good one, for the most part. Not everything, of course, but overall it was.

I released the final 2 books in the Galaxy Ascendant series (and had my most successful crowdfund to date), released a couple of short stories in anthologies, and have written volumes 1-5 of Light Unto Another World, my new series which will be launching early in 2021.

I had hoped to launch it a bit sooner, but that wasn’t to be. I probably could’ve gotten some more work done too, and the search for a day job (as the writing isn’t making enough yet for me to go full time) has been going pretty terribly. There are always things we can improve on. It’s why New Year’s resolutions became a thing (though of course most people don’t actually act on those resolutions.)

But I’m overall doing well, and in addition to all the writing I’ve gotten done, I’m in the best shape of my life, and got to spend 4 months visiting family in the US (while conveniently avoiding Israel’s second of 3 (so far) lockdowns. It’s always important to focus on the good, even when things aren’t great in other ways.

So as we count down the last days of 2020 (season 1), I’m very excited for next year, in which I fully intend to make it my best year yet, writing-wise (after this current year was my best so far). Still have a long way to go till I can start making this my sole, full-time job, but progress is being made.

Not going to get into all my grand plans for 2021 today (that’ll be the subject of my next post, most likely), but as I’ve previously announced, the Kickstarter for Light Unto Another World Volumes 1-5 will be launching on January 19th. Starting the new year off right!

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