Coming Soon: Light Unto Another World

It’s been a while since I first introduced my next series, Light Unto Another World, and there have been a couple changes, and a lot of progress over those months.

The only significant change is in the art style, as you can see. There was nothing wrong with the initial 2 covers I had done, but once I decided on a different style for the internal arts, it only made sense to have the covers match. They all came out awesome, and I’ve made use of my new (limited) inDesign skills to design the cover text.

Everything came out awesome, and I’m very nearly ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign for these first five volumes.

I’m planning to aim very high with this one, and there are lots of cool reward options I’m able to offer this time around.

This is a very different series than anything I’ve written before, being in a first person perspective, and having direct ties to the “real” world, but I’m enjoying the process. Light Unto Another World is a love letter to the isekai (portal fantasy) genre, and to the long, too often forgotten Jewish warrior heritage.

Don’t have too much to say now, apart from that the Kickstarter will be coming very soon, and that I’m excited to publicly reveal, the first completed internal art for Light Unto Another World Volume 1. It’s right from the beginning of the story, as first contact is being made.

And if you’re interested in seeing these updates before anyone else, subscribe to my Patreon or Subscribestar at any tier level!

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