Quarantine Observations (It Sucks)

So, these last 13 days have been an unusual experience. After a few months visiting family in NYC, I returned to Israel, and, due to the coronavirus, I had to go right into a two-week quarantine. And, as this is something altogether new for me and many others, it seems like something good reflect on. Particularly, to understand why we cannot allow increasingly power-hungry politicians to make this a regular thing.

To be clear before I get deeper into things, I’ve been fine, overall, since quarantine began. I’m a writer, and I don’t go out a huge amount generally. I’m also good at adapting to new situations. As much as I’ve come to hate quarantine, I’m handling it fine. But there are many people who I know are not as equipped to deal with it, which is why this is important to get out there.

So, let’s get on with it.

The one positive thing about this period I can list is that it incentivized me to do some housework, like cleaning. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I couldn’t sit at my computer all day, after all. This time also ensured I unpacked & organized my stuff pretty quickly.

That’s about it for the positives.

One thing I noticed only a few days into the quarantine period is that my sleep schedule is a mess. It’s been very hard to shift it to going to sleep at a normal-ish hour, and getting up at a normal time. Even subconsciously, if you know you have literally nowhere to be in the morning, it’s hard to make yourself sleep when you should be.

Next thing I noticed was a bit of difficulty focusing on things I needed to do. It’s a bit hard to explain, as it’s not a lethargic feeling or anything like that, but I have noticed that my efficiency in getting these done slipped somewhat, before I made a specific effort to get more done. I should note that back in the spring, where for a few months pretty much everything was closed & I only went out for errands a couple times a week, I didn’t have this issue. Something about the monotony of every day being not just the same, but in the same single location, is what made this worse.

Lastly, there’s a general feeling of disconnection from things. Thank G-d for phones and the internet, so I’m not totally cut off from people, but still, even the simple act of going to a store, adds something. I’m not even a person who is particularly social, and I’m noticing this lack.

I’ve never wanted to out as much as I had over these past few days.

I could’ve snuck out if I wanted, but I decided not to. Partly to not risk a large fine if caught, and partly because I decided this was something worth experiencing this once, both to see how I managed, and to ensure that I’d refuse it again. As I mentioned above, don’t expect this sort of thing to go away soon if the government (of whatever country) has anything to say about it. My negative experiences with it might be relatively minor, but thanks to this I can much better understand how it is so much worse for many people.

Yes, the China virus is real, and something better avoided, in large part because of the apparent long-lasting aftereffects it can cause. However, it’s clearly less deadly than it was (as happens with diseases generally), and it’s time to relax things, to ensure the cure isn’t worse than the disease. Even the worst historic pandemics eventually ended on their own. Not saying we should just let it run its course with no interference, but let’s be real. This isn’t the end of the world.

Being confined, stripped of your freedom of movement, is unnatural and bad for you. There’s a reason prison isn’t a place people want to end up.

I fully intend on this being the first and only time I find myself in a government enforced quarantine when I’m not actually sick with the Covid, and I encourage you to resist such measures in any (preferably legal) way you can. Don’t let your freedom be taken from you.

There will be a more fun post tomorrow, once I’m free. I promise.

I’ve been working hard on various projects while stuck here. Light Unto Another World is moving along nicely (expect the kickstarter soon!) and the entire Galaxy Ascendant series is available now. I also have my Patreon & Subscribestar, where you can get early updates, along with other rewards. Anything helps!

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