First They Came For Vox Day…and I Will Not Be Silent

As fate would have it, I was working on my own upcoming IndieGogo campaign last night when I first saw Jon Del Arroz mention on Twitter that he had strangely received a refund from IndieGogo of his contribution to the Alt-Hero: Q comic crowdfund, a comic written by famed creator Chuck Dixon, and published by Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics. The campaign had raised over $100,000, and was technically over, being in the post-campaign “store” mode. On the campaign page it now shows to have $0, it all having been refunded, and there is a message stating

“This campaign has been closed by Trust and Safety due to a violation of our Terms of Use. The campaign will no longer be accepting contributions, and the Campaign Owners no longer have access to the campaign”

Since then, Vox has also confirmed both that the account linked to the campaign has been removed, and that he received no communication from IndieGogo about this.

This even should concern every creator out there who does not subscribe to the politically correct views of he Left. First they made sure people like us were not welcome in the mainstream of the creative industries, be it book publishing or comics, and once we proved that we didn’t need their infrastructure to produce content and fund its creation, they began to attack our ability to do just that. We recently learned that Kickstarter had rejected the campaign for the Jawbreakers comic by Diversity & Comics (Richard C. Meyer) for political reasons, and later, we saw Marvel Comics’ Mark Waid pressure the comic’s original publisher, Antarctic Press, from publishing it. But IndieGogo seemed safe, and politically neutral, as it ought to be. Until now.

Vox Day’s politics, whether you agree with them or not, had little to no bearing on the project, and it should not have been removed due to association with him. The timing of this, after it was already completed, is very suspicious, as is the fact that this came less than a day after the comic news site Bleeding Cool ran a surprisingly good article about Vox (which they have now apologized for and walked back and removed, like a good Party member).

As of this time, I believe he is considering legal action as we wait to hopefully learn what exactly happened. Was it a rogue SJW employee’s doing, as happened on Amazon not long ago, or was this the company’s decision? What alleged violation was believed to have been made?

Others have written and talked about this in more detail that I have, so I’ll cut this off here. But I do have a message for all other creators out there guilty of wrongthink, and especially for those involved in #ComicsGate. Ethan van Sciver expressed sympathy for Vox regarding this event on Vox’s stream last night, and a couple of others have talked about it, but far less has been said than ought to be. And some are even trying to pretend like this isn’t a problem for them, and have no sympathy for Vox.

I get that many of you don’t like his politics, or don’t like him. That is irrelevant now. If this was truly a politically motivated action, this is the canary in the coalmine. They are counting on you not to be outraged, as, after all, it’s just alt-right Vox Day. But a precedent is being set, and mark my words, they will start coming for the next in line, the next most controversial of us soon, if we let them get away with this. They call him a Nazi, and they call you a Nazi. They will find a reason to remove our ability to raise funds for our projects, and only receive praise from the Left.

The time to make a stand is now, before it is too late. Put away your stupid and petty rivalry of Vox, and take action. You might not get along, but you share the same enemies. Like it or not, you are on the same side in this culture war. The enemy knows it. And you must too.

I understand, and I am speaking out. For the sake of my upcoming projects, for yours, and for Vox Day’s. Remain quiet at your own peril.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3 thoughts on “First They Came For Vox Day…and I Will Not Be Silent

  1. According to vox’s, which while this unfolds is a good source on all this, the claim was the vague “unusual activity” (which smacks of an SJW flagging campaign to me).

    I think he may be both pressing some kind of legal action because of it being so late as to be a contract (ie they’d already promised him money), and he’s also pressing ahead with some kind of alternate funding mechanism for the comic with CD continuing to work and determined.

    He seems to take particular joy in fighting back against SJWs, which is somewhat admirable, but of course you are right, now everyone on that platform has to watch their back. If SJWs can effectively false flag like on youtube, thats’ a problem.

  2. Of course it was politically motivated. Vox Day is not a likeable person and I loathe most of his followers, but he sees the broken state of our society more clearly than most. And he produces great stories. And every time the SJWs try to take him out, he makes them look irrelevant and foolish, and they hate that (because irrational hatred is all they have).

    People like me need people like Vox Day; he’s smarter and tougher than I am, and FAR smarter and tougher than the SJW horde. So I’m 100% behind him in this, both out of principle (because I believe in freedom of speech and conscience and free markets) and as a practical matter (because he can beat them and he’s clearing a path around/past/through them that I may be able to also use).

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