2020 Beckons!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you enjoyed any celebrations you attended, and I hope the new year–and decade–has gotten off to a great start!

So last week, I released my sum-up of my 2019, focusing on writing related stuff but touching on other personal developments as well.

Now, about a week into the new year–and new decade!–let’s talk a bit about my writing plans for the upcoming year. There’s a fair bit to go through.

So, first and foremost, of course, we have the Galaxy Ascendant series. The Kickstarter for book 6, An Ancient Stirring, is still underway, and the book is on pace for release, as planned, in February. I’m about halfway done writing book 7 as well, and, G-d willing, that will be a campaign for it around March/April, and released in May. That will bring the series (the initial series) to a close, and I can’t wait to get that out to you all!

once that is done, the year will largely transition into a fantasy one. I aim to make major progress on the next 2 books in the Dragon King trilogy, as well as an as-yet untitled light novel series (the IDF isekai, for those of you who follow me on twitter.) I’m honestly not sure which will have books coming out first–they’ll be sparring a bit I guess–but expect no fewer than two fantasy releases in 2020.

I’m also going to be writing a book for a shared universe set up by a small publisher. It’ll be a space opera/mil-sf, and should be fun. More info on that as I have more to share.

Additionally, I hope to ramp up the blogging (I know I’ve tried and failed at that before, but I’m going to make a go at it again), and I also will aim to try and get some additional Galaxy Ascendant content, in the form of short stories and artwork, via my Subscribestar and the Patreon I will be setting up. The more support I can get over there, the more of that content you can expect, and of course, the better the books sell & crowdfunding campaigns go, the closer I’ll be to doing this full time.

When that happen, look out: the production pace will be off the scale.

Keep an eye on this page. Until next time!


An Ancient Stirring Cover Art Sketch

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