Galactic Level Reward tiers, and Creating a Universe

So, the indiegogo campaign for Galaxy Ascendant books 4 & 5 is chugging along, and I felt like this was as good a time as any to talk a bit about the opportunities presented to you by the high level rewards the campaign has to offer.

So, what exactly to the Travel to the Galaxy Ascendant, A Glorious Death, and Live in the Galaxy Ascendant tiers offer you? I can answer that better than ever, now that characters created via each of these rewards on the last campaign have entered the story!

Last time, we had a Kavalan fighter pilot, a Revittan doctor, a high ranking Talvostan officer, and a specialist stationed on the flagship of Grand Admiral Nayasar Khariah herself. The A Glorious Death and Live in the Galaxy Ascendant rewards, which guaranteed an interaction with a main character, did as promised, and more! Most of these characters have, in fact, had more screen time than promised, because the Galaxy Ascendant is a living, breathing universe and people who are there naturally remain. I anticipate a similar outcome for any such rewards in the current campaign!

We’ve all, at one point or another, envisioned ourselves in the settings of stories we read, and the space opera genre in particular offers so many awesome opportunities. There’s no better way to make yourself a part of it, and no better way to help shape this still growing galaxy, than to have a character with a name based on your own (or that of someone of your choice)!

This time, there are even more ways backers can directly impact the Galaxy Ascendant. First we have the two Ship Design Tiers, which can see you help design either just the look of a ship or far more than that. What space opera fan doesn’t love the ships, and has awesome ideas for them? Come design one with me!

Lastly, for anyone who really wants to make a big impact, we’ve got the Shape the Galaxy Ascendant reward tier! Collaborate directly with me in the crafting of a short story in the Galaxy Ascendant that will be canon, and star any character in the series–your choice! More options potentially available upon discussion.

We might be nearing the conclusion of this initial series, but the Galaxy Ascendant itself is just getting started! Get in on the ground level, make your mark, and enjoy the ride! The only place to go is up!

If this interests you, back the campaign! And if you know anyone who’d be interested, share it with them; that’s free, and it really helps!


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