Some Thoughts on a Brainlet’s Lies

Well, I did actually have some blog posts I was working on and hoped to start releasing today, but something came up while I was offline for two days over the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

While I was offline, one Micah Curtis, of the dumpster fire known as Comicsgate, decided to take a shot at me, and I’m fairly certain that over the two days where I could see or respond, I was muted. But that’s what SJWs do, isn’t it?

Before I get into the details of what lies this little brainlet spewed, some context for those who (fortunately, some might say) aren’t familiar with the absolute mess that is Comicsgate.

To put it in brief, a couple years ago now, as it became extremely clear that the radical left had a stranglehold on the comics industry, “wrongthinkers,” primarily right wingers, started speaking up and doing something, and this loose movement came to be known as Comicsgate. At the start it was a positive thing, focused on combating the Left and producing quality comics which weren’t hitting you over the head with political propaganda.

Over time, however, as often happens to internet movements, it became more a vehicle for the success of a handful of individuals, in this case artist Ethan van Sciver. His increasing efforts to control of police Comicsgate, combined with rabid fans of his known as War Campaign, slowly but surely drove off the majority of Comicsgate’s quality creators, as well as a good chunk (if not most) of those, like me, who’d originally supported the movement. It now more resembles a cult or the Communist Party more than anything, with anyone who transgresses van Sciver’s arbitrary rules being removed. If you’ve seen that famous picture of Stalin with other officials that, over time, was altered to remove those purged, that’s basically what’s happening now.

For more detailed, and organized synopses, check these out. There’s far more, but too much to compile here.

Now, while I have, for a time, been decidedly on the “dissident” side, and have taken part in talking about and shoring posts about the situation on twitter, I unlike, many friends of mine, had never come under direct attack. Sure, I’d gotten spergy responses from people, including Ethan, here and there, but nothing directly targeting me, not that I saw at least.

That changed this week, and also requires a bit more context.

Long story short, a brainlet known as Micah Curtis and his friends have decided that my friend Jon Del Arroz is an antisemite (Micah also has a hate boner for Vox Day and constantly talks about him–while I disagree with Vox on a number of things, I have no issues with him and our few interactions have been perfectly cordial.) Now, the fact that I, a proud Jew, now an Israeli as well, is friends with Jon, and that Jon has promoted my books and had me on his show more than once, kinda makes the antisemite allegation fall apart.

So, like any good SJW, his only option, when that fact was presented to him, was to attack the unwanted evidence. So, he wrote the below tweet.

Micah The Brainlet.png

Let’s pick apart this bizarre attack, shall we? And Micah, if you happen to read this, feel free to clarify what idiocy you were actually trying to spew. Also I’m still waiting for any supposed receipts, but we all know you have none.

Interestingly, he chooses to label me a “New Yorker.” That’s kind of odd, wouldn’t you say? I was born and raised there, but when in reply to someone who correctly noted that I am an Israeli Jew, it’s interesting. It’s awfully close to a term on Urban dictionary, “Bearded New Yorker” which is described as a anti-Jewish slur. It also could be seen as a different way of calling a Jew a “cosmopolitan,” also a term that has been used as a slur. Awfully alt-right of Micah, but that’s kind of a theme here.

Is the brown-nosed brainlet trying to imply that I’m not a real Jew? If so, that’s absolutely retarded. Or maybe he’s trying to imply that, as an immigrant, I’m not a “real” Israeli? Again, that sounds an awful lot like the rhetoric of the alt-right he claims to hate so much. If that is what he was saying, then it’s equally as retarded. I am a citizen here, in the Jewish homeland.

So what was Micah’s point with this? Likely something similar to what leftists do when they find Jews further right than Bernie Sanders, and think that that there must be something wrong with us if we associate with people they constantly smear as antisemites. “A real Jew would never be friends with JDA!”

Then, he more bizarrely writes “he moved there later and badmouths the country for attention. Not since some leftist retard called me a Nazi has a more blatant lie been uttered about me, though again, our little brainlet’s tweet is very unspecific. Is he saying I badmouth the US, or Israel? Either makes no sense, and while I don’t owe it to anyone to point out why, just to be sure people understand, let’s point out just how retarded either claim is.

While I’ve chosen to leave the US for my national homeland, it will always hold a special place in my heart, and I very much care that it succeeds. I’ve supported Donald Trump since the 2016 primaries, and my default civilian outfit includes my MAGA hat. Of course, like any other US citizen, I have every right to criticize it, and do, on occasion, though more specifically it’s policies or people. Does Micah equate criticism to “badmouthing” for attention? Whose attention? I’m not a leftist lol.

Now, if he’s suggesting I “badmouth Israel for attention,” he only shows that he has never read anything I’ve ever written. Setting aside that I can also criticize Israel as a citizen (no country is perfect, after all), I really don’t very much, especially not over the past couple years. Soldiers aren’t allowed to voice opinions about local politics online, and I do my best not too. We’ve had two elections this year; has anyone seen me promote one party or another? If so, please send, because I can’t find any such tweets.

But implying I “badmouth Israel for attention?” Sit the fuck down, brainlet, and please explain how someone is voluntarily in the army at age 29 spends his time online badmouthing the country for which he is willing to give his life for “attention.” I’d wait, but I know you never will.

Micah, you are literally the last person we want supporting Israel, if you believe you do. Join antifa already, please. They’re more your speed. Also please never visit; we’ve got enough problems here.

Par for the course; internet shitstains who spew lies, then mute everyone they attack and just move on with their sad lives.

Now, you might’ve seen me mention up above that I only found out about this well after the fact. That’s because the tweet in question was made while I was offline for two days for the Rosh Hashanah holiday (marking the Jewish new year, as well as the start of a short period of repentance prior to Yom Kippur.) I made it quite known. And while I can’t say for certain, the timing is curious. There is a precedent of Jew haters saying or doing things specifically on days when they know Jews won’t be around to call them our or confront them; I’ve heard stories of college groups holding anti-Israel votes on Shabbat (the sabbath), and of similar protests being held on Shabbat or on holidays when many Jews would not be able to show up to counter protest.

To date, my request for the brainlet to attempt to substantiate anything he said has gone unanswered. Imagine my shock.

I don’t plan on revisiting this much more, unless he makes the mistake of putting my name in his mouth again.

I’d advise against supporting any projects he and his War Campaign friends put out; it’s never wise to give your personal details to known doxxers, after all. Otherwise, don’t initiate any interactions with them; it’ll just waste your time.

Instead, back my Galaxy Ascendant Kickstarter; I deliver quality products, in a timely manner, and am greatful for all my backers and readers!

And remember, whether in this world or the Next, everyone gets just what they deserve.

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