Fiction Must Be Designed to Entertain, and You Must Support Those on Your Side

A couple quick posts I want to spotlight and discuss a bit, as I have some time to actually write a blog post this week.

First, is a post from back in December, by Bradford C. Walker, (yes, I’m behind on things; being in the army here in Israel does that) on something that ought to be common sense to all creators, from writers to film makers, to video game designers. Your fiction has to entertain, or it’s pointless. This is why I am entirely confident that those of us who believe in writing quality, enjoyable fiction will eventually triumph over the Social Justice cult that puts message first and consistently releases poor quality work. We’ve seen this most recently in film with The Last Jedi, whose audience score speaks volumes, as does how much less it’s earning when compared with The Force Awakens. I eagerly await the Han Solo movie’s failure. It may take some time, but as the original, good Star Wars films showed us, even the most powerful, seemingly unstoppable Empires can still fall, and, as Bradford says, we will steal your audiences from you, by out-writing you.


The next post I want to talk about a bit also touches on something I’ve discussed a bit in the past, the problem of Conservatives not supporting each other in the same manner that our adversaries on the left do. Brian Niemeier has a great post about this, where he gets deep into the problem, part of which, at least, comes from the more capitalist and individualist attitudes of those on the right, namely that they will often not support or help people on their side if they’re concerned it’ll hurt them and/or their business. The left has no qualms about closing ranks around their own, and as much as individualism is great, we have to acknowledge that we are part of a group, or tribe, and we have to help our own. I don’t think I’ll be able to put it better than Brian did, so just check out his article.

You don’t win a war if your entire army tries to fight a one-man battle. You have to fight together. And while this culture war is being fought with words creative works, not guns or swords, it is a war, and we must treat it as such.

That’s it for now; just a quick post, because there isn’t a whole lot of time. For anyone who hasn’t already, please check out my Galaxy Ascendant series: the first 2 books, A Greater Duty, and A Looming Shadow, are both available on Amazon.

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Until next time!

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