A Quick Update, and a Free Short Story, Starfall

Hey everyone, I hope the new year had been going great! It’s been quiet here for a while, largely due to my army service, which really doesn’t allow time for writing blog posts (I have been periscoping, however, and you can follow me over there if you’re interested!)

Things are going well, overall, and I’ve been managing to get about 2,500 words written (by hand) every week, which has so far all been toward a serialized story set in the Galaxy Ascendant universe and ties in indirectly to the main series. I will be sending out part 1 later tonight to my mailing list subscribers, and you can sign up for the list here. There is never spam (I wouldn’t have time even if I wanted to send any), and I hope to send bi-weekly updates with the successive parts of that story before returning to (hopefully) monthly update emails with one-shot short stories or novelettes.

Which brings me to the other purpoise of this update. Back in October, I released to my email list the story story Starfall, which was my first real attempt at short fiction in a long time. I ended up happy with it, which is why I let it out into the world, and now it’s time to let even you non-subscribers check it out.

Starfall, A Tale from the Galaxy Ascendant

An Imperial fighter pilot crash-lands on what she thinks is an uninhabited world. As she tries to work out a way to call for a rescue, however she learns first that she is not alone on this harsh world, and that there are secrets there that will challenge her strongest convictions.

You can download the mobi version here, and the epub version here.

I hope you enjoy it, and that you stick around the Galaxy Ascendant. There’s a lot more fun and excitement to come!

If you haven’t already, check out A Greater Duty, book 1 in the Galaxy Ascendant series, along with A Looming Shadow, book 2 in the series. Star Wars may be in a decline now, but my Galaxy is only Ascending!

Until next time, keep on reading, and writing. The time is there, if you make it!

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