An Inside Look at the SJW Convergence in Science Fiction Publishing

Almost two months ago, author Jon Del Arroz wrote an article exposing an endemic anti-male bias in the publishing industry. For this, he was viciously attacked by members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA). Not only was he attacked online, but a this spilled over into real life.

Today, he released another bombshell article, in which he interviews a former editor for Escape Artist Podcasts, whose “Artemis Rising” event, in which they would do a month’s worth of stories written by women–with no male counterpart–first drew this to their attention.

It’s a bit lengthy, but very much worth reading. As Jon says near the end of it, this is the new normal. And it’s far from only a men/women thing. Similar things are done involving various minority groups as well, with the ultimate result of straight white males being the most marginalized by these people.

It’s more important than ever that those of us who are opposed to such practices support each other. The way to combat those who have seized control of the industry we love (and in which many of us work) is to create our own, superior content, that isn’t shackled by all of the arbitrary restrictions these new gatekeepers are trying to put in place.

In that vein, my debut novel, A Greater Duty, book 1 in the Galaxy Ascendant series, is available over on Amazon, and just today, I released to those signed up for my mailing list a new short story, set in the Galaxy Ascendant. And, keep your eyes on this space, as the next Galaxy Ascendant book, A Looming Shadow, will be releasing some time this month.

Jon’s post: Sci-Fi’s SJW Terrorism: An Editor’s Inside Look

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