The Problem of Social Justice Mobs in the Speculative Fiction World

As many of us who follow the news in the speculative fiction writing world are well aware of,  the problem of mobs of the perpetually offended attacking authors is a pervasive one. The targets of these attacks are not only those of us on the political right, but also even those who are ideologically in the apparent “mainstream,” but step even slightly out of line. This was recently scene when a Young Adult author came under vicious attack for the crime of daring to have a Muslim character in her book–leading to cries of “cultural appropriation.”

Author Jon Del Arroz wrote both an excellent article for the Federalist on this specific issue and the wider problem, as well as a post on his own site, and, honestly, I can’t think of anything to add. Check them out; it’s important to both understand the problems this industry faces, and to understand that complaining about it doesn’t change things. Only actions do. And fortunately, there are many of us working to create quality fiction that is untainted by SJW politics. Now, time to go back to work.

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