Diversitygate, One Year Later

Well, time certainly does fly. I still remember when this first took place a year ago. Bre’s video has a full recounting of what took place as well as its aftermath, but I’ll quickly summarize here. Bre Faucheux, then a book reviewer on YouTube as well as an indie author, made a video calling out the leftist obsession with “diversity” in the writing world, As might be expected, she was immediately and viciously attacked by other book-Tubers, authors, publishing industry people, and your run-of-the-mill SJWs. Among their attacks were warnings that her opinions on that issue would destroy her writing career. What actually happened? The right rallied around her, and she soon found a new audience, for both her videos and her books. She was also very much redpilled, and now is a staunch member of the Alt-Right. As she says in the video, it was one of the best things that’s ever happened to her.

Bre is not the only person to be redpilled after coming under SJW attack, and this incident also shows that, unlike the Left, the Right (at least most of the time) rallies around its own when they come under attack. My personal redpilling, including the publsihing angle of it, has been a gradual process rather than sparked by a single major event, but this certainly helped push me further down that road, and played a role in my decision to go the indie route.

This is why the Alt-Right will win, and why I, a proud Jew, openly call myself sympathetic to the movement (though seeing as I’m not white, don’t consider myself a member.) I may not agree with the Alt-Right, or large portions of it, on everything, but we agree on most things. The Left can take a long walk off a short pier.

Original Post & link to video can be found here: Diversitygate Revisited: One Year Later

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