Don’t Skimp on the Action!

Check out this excellent post by Bradford C. Walker, on the topic of the lack of capital ship engagements in Star Wars (and other sci-fi) space battle scenes. It’s something I’d love to see more of, as well. Rogue One  had a bit of it, and as Bradford mentions, the Clone Wars show had some good fleet engagements in it, but otherwise we don’t see it much, and that’s a shame.

And, while I’m here, I should mention that there are a LOT of large-scale space battles in my upcoming debut novel, A Greater Duty. And moreover, they are from the point of views of people in capital ships, most of the time commanding their fleets, providing a different (and awesome) perspective and experience. It’s not on screen, of course (one day, maybe), but I think those of you who enjoy space battles would enjoy A Greater Duty as well.

Source: Don’t Skimp of the Action!

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