My Comic-Con Experience–New York Comic-Con 2015

So, it’s been a while again. I had hoped to be more regular with posts here, but between the Jewish holiday season, finishing my third book (and revising another), as well as finally starting work on my graduate thesis, time has been tight.  I do have several planned posts lined up (a couple of bookContinue reading “My Comic-Con Experience–New York Comic-Con 2015”

Book Review: Tome of the Undergates, By Sam Sykes

So…this review is a bit delayed, (well, more than a bit), as is my return to actually posting things here. I’d blame a combination of school work (nearing the end of my Master’s program) and focusing on my fiction (been querying a lot as well as working on a couple of books at different stagesContinue reading “Book Review: Tome of the Undergates, By Sam Sykes”