Out Now: Light Unto Another World Volume 7!

Hey everyone, apologues for things being quiet here again lately. Been busy, and a bit behind on several things.

Anyway, I’m excited to announce today that Light Unto Another World Volume 7 is out!

Things are moving right along. If you haven’t already done so, pick up your copy! There are still 3 more volumes coming out later this year.

And, if you’ve read and enjoyed any of the books in the series so far, please consider taking a minute to leave a brief review over on Amazon, or Goodreads. Apart from buying the books & spreading the word, leaving reviews is the best way to help support my writing.

I hope to get back to sharing my new videos here this week, and perhaps also to occasional new posts here.

Until then!

To the chagrin of warriors, wars are fought as much in the conference room and in the shadows as on the battlefield.

To ensure victory, the warrior must find a way to maneuver each across of these battlegrounds

This challenge is never so tough as it is when friends are caught in the middle.

While the war continues to go well, Uriel and his closest supporters can see new troubles on the horizon. Both in their powerful enemies, and in allies who are tired of war and who see Uriel as much a liability as an asset.

While they deal with this, however, their enemies, having failed to defeat the elf/demi-human alliance on the battlefield, turn to a more underhanded approach to ensure that the alliance is split, and one of their major foes removed from the playing field.

When the elf kingdom Valtenar shortly finds itself amidst a crisis, it will be up to Uriel and his team to come up with a solution to both the military and political problems simultaneously.

But this time, they might not get out of it totally unscathed.

4 thoughts on “Out Now: Light Unto Another World Volume 7!

  1. What I want to know is when volume 10 will come out, because I want to buy all 5 of the new volumes and read them all together in one go.

    1. I am greatly saddened by this news. I hoped that I could buy all the Light books and Galaxy books during the event in August. Right now I only have the first 5 light books, the first 3 Galaxy books, and the one and only Dragon book. When’s the comic book coming out?

      Also, please stop looking so nervous while selling your books. Your books are good, and they’re not “dirty” like the stories I write, so what are you feeling so insecure for?

  2. Yeah I was trying to space out the releases, since, especially with the manga in progress, it will probably be a longer period till I’ll be able to get volumes 11-15 really in motion. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have the manga completed by the end of the year, and I’d then hopefully have physical copies in hand by Harucon (assuming I get a spot there next year.)

    As for looking nervous, I wasn’t aware I did lol. If it’s there, it’s definitely unconscious, since I don’t really feel nervous while at conventions. Selling things in person like that isn’t something that comes naturally to me though, so I hope I’m getting gradually better at it as I go.

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