Girls Und Panzer Character Analysis: Anzu Kadotani

Back to Girls Und Panzer videos with my first character analysis video, focusing on one of my favorite characters. There’s a lot more to Oarai’s student council president than meets the eye. She was a fun character to start off what’ll likely be a ton of Girls Und Panzer character analyses with. Check out theContinue reading “Girls Und Panzer Character Analysis: Anzu Kadotani”

An Analysis of the Best Scene in Attack on Titan

Late on the draw once again. Last week’s video focused on the recently (briefly) returned Attack on Titan. I took a closer look at a scene from way back in season 1 which, in my opinion, at least, is the best scene in the show. Check it out!

Superb Visual Storytelling in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale

Well, I appear to have again completely forgotten to post about my latest video in a timely manner. Better late than never, so here it is! This time, I took a close look at a small, but important scene in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale Part 2. Check out the video! (And if you haven’tContinue reading “Superb Visual Storytelling in Girls Und Panzer Das Finale”

Ya Boy Kongming (Paripi Koumei): A Message of Hope for Those Trying to Succeed in Creative Fields

Later than I wanted to be with this; been trying to do too many things this week. My video last week focused on a recent anime that hasn’t gotten as much attention as it should’ve, and specifically on the very positive message it has for anyone struggling to succeed in any creative field. Check itContinue reading “Ya Boy Kongming (Paripi Koumei): A Message of Hope for Those Trying to Succeed in Creative Fields”