An Ancient Stirring is Here!

I know there are arguably bigger things in the news right now, but the big news of today is that book 6 in the Galaxy Ascendant series, An Ancient Stirring,  is now live on Amazon! (Currently just in ebook format; G-d willing the print version will be up soon; it depends on how long it takes for a proof copy to arrive to be checked over, and our good friend Corona-chan might delay that a bit.)

Don’t have too much specific to say, apart that I’m really excited to get it out to readers. This is the penultimate chapter in this initial series set in the Galaxy Ascendant. As I’ve mentioned before, I plan to keep writing in this universe forever, and I already have several spin-off and sort-of sequel ideas in the works. But in terms of this specific series, we’re nearing the end.

Once again, John Zeleznik hit it out of the park with his cover art, and Cornelia Yoder updated her awesome map to match the state of the galaxy at present. Special thanks also to Ben Zwycky for his editing, and to Miryam Merkin for taking care of the back cover design for the print version of the book (and for the Galaxy Ascendant logo.)

The war may be over, but its impacts remain, and other, incredibly dangerous threats, are stirring out in the darkness of space. Our heroes will have to take up arms once more, to make sure that their hard-won victory doesn’t crumble to dust around them.

Pick up the book today! And if you are new to the Galaxy Ascendant, the other books are all on Amazon as well–and you can get the first book in the series, A Greater Duty, for only $0.99! A small investment to check out the start of a series that will pull you back for more. Plenty of quality reading you can do even if you’re stuck at home due to quarantine or lockdown!

An Ancient Stirring Cover No Bleed

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