An Ancient Stirring Cover Art Reveal

It’s that time once again, that time when I get to reveal to the world the cover art for my next book!

John Zeleznik hit it out of the park once again, with the artwork for Galaxy Ascendant 6: An Ancient Stirring. This cover is momentous, for me, in a couple of ways, First, with Executor Keeneye and Asharra Sirrad on this cover, I now have every major viewpoint character in the series on one of the covers. Second, I finally got both a laser sword and a redhead on one of my covers lol. No ginger genocide here (though as an alien, she’s not quite in the same category.)

What lies in store for book 7, with all the main characters now here? Well you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

For now, enjoy the new artwork. G-d willing, I’ll be getting the ebook out to Kickstarter backers, and then soon after, I’ll get the ebooks and paperbacks live on Amazon.

If you haven’t already started reading this epic series, you can easily pick up the first 5 books over on Amazon. Additionally, I recently started a Patreon and Subscribestar. For just a dollar or two a month, you get access to behind the scenes updates, and more to come. For $10, you’ll also get a free digital copy of any book I release while you’re a patron/subscriber!

An Ancient Stirring Cover Art

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