The Left’s War on Right-Wing Indie Creators Escalates… Again

Well, it’s happened once again. A right-wing author deplatformed due to the actions of the Left, in a clear attempt to hurt his career.

This isn’t the first such occurrence for Jon Del Arroz, the #1 bestselling leading Hispanic voice in science fiction, but it deserves no less attention. (Full disclosure, I am friends with Jon, but even if I had never spoken with him before I’d be making the same post). Over on his website, he has a press release on the incident, involving his new book The Steam Knight, and the StoryBundle service, which includes all the details.

I have fortunately never faced something like this (the worst that happened to me was the incident with a rejected Amazon ad a while back because “guns bad”, but Jon is a much more controversial and more successful writer than I am at present, so he is obviously drawing the flak.

As with any other time something like this happens, we must make as much noise as we can about it, or we can expect that they will continue to do this with impunity. The only way this might–and I stress, only might–stop is by making it more trouble than those doing it want to deal with.

So share this far an wide.

As I mentioned above, I did have my own little brush with censorship not too long ago, regarding the third book in my epic Galaxy Ascendant series, A Shifting Alliance. You can check out the entire series thus far over on Amazon (book 6 coming very soon!), and help support another indie author who is quite guilty of wrongthink.

Galaxy Ascendant series so far (through 5)

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